Ultimate Answer

by Binaural Space

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Allister Thompson
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Allister Thompson There are ambient elements in Binaural Space's music, to be sure, but it's really a collection of alternately playful and beautiful synth textures and melodies, akin to the best of early German synth music. Each album so far has been a charismatic, immersive listen. Favorite track: Eternity Is Forever.
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wc_helmets Binaural Space has taken his exploratory sound and reflected it into a murky pool where overtones and drones replace the calm journeys of previous releases. A journey to a darker place, but a well-rounded addition for this artist's great knack of mood. Favorite track: Eternity Is Forever.
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SELVEDGE A very blissful and enchanting record. Spaced-out with a light touch. Deftly placed sounds and synthlines. Perfect for overcast days, summer bleeding into fall. Favorite track: Hope Will Always Be.
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Chorchill I think it's time we start mentioning Binaural Space whenever we talk about ambient music. That's all I'm going to say. Enjoy! Favorite track: Reversibility.
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42, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. And also Binaural Space’s age for 2019.

This LP is, in its almost 60 minutes of music, the most personal, intimate, honest album by Binaural Space so far. It is the insider view of a time of an artist redefining himself, time depicted by changing of priorities, goals and dreams. Time of finally getting rid of the desire to fit in, to please, to be acknowledged by majority. Time of doing what one has been destined to do, to seek for the truth no matter what. To ask the ultimate question, take the leap and see what happens.

There has been no pre-order option on this album as it is different than the previous ones which might surprise or even disappoint listeners with certain expectations. The “try before you buy” approach is recommended. Hint: Repetition is always a revision – hence the change. Big thanks to all the fans that have purchased the previous Binaural Space albums and if you decide to continue the big adventure with this new LP, huge thank you, much appreciated!

This conceptual album is, from the beginning to end, filled with music that simply had to be made, because the world (at least someone’s world) was and would not be complete without it. All the tracks were inspired by multitude of things, some good, some bad. Midlife crisis played a big role. All the things happening in the music industry, creepingly deteriorating taste of listeners and the trend to settle for less, being it quality, depth or length…

Some of the tracks originated in the middle of the night due to waking up, getting lost in thoughts and being unable to get back to sleep. Working not only on these was a kind of therapy and, actually, sometimes even an instant mood enhancer to obey the positive impulse to create something new yet before the dawn.

Watching many aspiring musicians online was motivational as well. Seeing some of them not knowing what they’re doing, lacking formal education but somehow finding the right notes to play by trial and error anyway, like a child making first steps, was an inspiring relief, because knowing what you do musically all the time can be both tiring and limiting and the joy of plain experimenting should never be lost.

Those early morning hours of being in the zone and just feeling, not thinking, were some of the best times of the previous six months and the results are quite surprising. The given tracks have a calming effect of invitingly opening doors, windows and even roofs to somewhere else. They make one feel the desire to travel out there (or inside, which can be the same thing), to be a part of the whole or at least to fall asleep. :-)

Huge thanks belong to all the people online who inspire each other, assist when one stumbles and offer wise points of view or “just” nice words. Although this LP has been predestined by the inner fight of resisting or letting go of growing old, it’s actually dedicated to all the striving artists who do what they do because this is what they’re here for and there is no other option.

It is a sad trend that people of the modern age listen the most to the first few songs on any album, lacking the right habit, patience or persistence. One way of dealing with it is to comply with the listeners’ wishes and release EPs. The other way is to fight it tenaciously, raise awareness and do one’s best to engage attention for more than 15 minutes. This album, Ultimate Answer, is a typical (though there are much braver efforts!) example of the second approach.

Forgetting deliberately the good advice to start with the best song, tracks on this album tell a story as they are supposed to, they reveal it slowly and gradually, providing a natural gradation, awakening and the final punchline towards the end. Attentive, patient listeners, who have enjoyed the full journey, shall get rewarded by the entire experience. Let’s wish there’s more and more of such enlightened people.

Binaural Space, tired but proud and happy, Central Bohemia, August 2019


released August 30, 2019


all rights reserved



Binaural Space Prague, Czechia

Electronic music producer and label from the Czech Republic

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